02 June 2015

Help at Instagram: Anything but Instant

Screenshot of WikiHow Help Page on Getting Help from Instagram
A customer was having difficulty setting up an account at Instagram and asked for help. Upon researching why the customer's account was listed as "not active," it became clear that Instagram was at great pains to avoid having to help.

When it takes a third party content provider to navigate a help system, there's something wrong. In this case, WikiHow capitalized on the unhelpful help at Instagram. The help "funnel" at Instagram excludes most of the usual channels: Twitter, email, phone. 

I would be interesting to know how much the absence of a call center (offshore or otherwise) is helping to prop up the Facebook share price.

Clear winner here? Not the Instagram community, since WikiHow doesn't provide any new information; the contributors at WikiHow simply condensed and rearranged the already unhelpful information at Instagram. The clear winner here is WikiHow's pageviews.

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