06 November 2021

Twitter Support for Long-Running Inability to Follow

Twitter doesn't share its data with you.  For instance, if you have a marketing campaign, and you'd like to know when a high impact influencer followed you, this data point isn't provided -- at least AFAIK.

I have a different motivation for having that data.  I would like to demonstrate the months / probably years -- that have passed since I have been able to follow anyone with @knowlengr

It was September when I last checked on the status of this request to fix what the CSR indicated was "a bug," and there's been no change and no update.

Out of desperation, because now I need to use this long-held Twitter account to reach out to journalists for a book project, I hope to get support attention by reposting the last message, provided below.

29 September 2015

Credit Karma User Reviews

Sample Customer Review from Credit Karma

The web site Credit Karma hosts various lending-related content, including service reviews. These reviews are hosted in the familiar style of Amazon's product reviews, including "Most Helpful Favorable," and "Most Helpful Critical" as well as enough volume for the reviews to seem credible. Since Amazon -- for now -- doesn't host financial service reviews, borrowers and other parties to financial transactions might benefit from reviewing the reviews.

Tip: Service quality managers would do well to follow not only the reviews of their own services, but the reviews of competitive services. Weak hand-offs between web sites and customer service, confusing workflow, unexplained delays, and problems with web site navigation are common complaints.