22 March 2022

When Red Flags Look White: Wired Covers Financial Fraud Close to Home

Link to a published Wired article by Becca Andrews


Journalist Becca Andrews wrote in Wired recently about financial fraud perpetrated against her mother. 

Financial institutions have measures in place to detect and deter these attempts, but even the most savvy consumers can be tricked -- either by very clever phishing, phone calls, or by distractions from concurrent activities. 

This story suggests that not enough is being done.

16 December 2021

Twitter 'Can't Follow' Block Continues (Case History blog post)

 Is it months?  Possibly years, and still and I cannot get this error fixed.

The underlying problem? For ordinary Twitter accounts, you don't follow accounts which don't follow you back. So after a threshold (5000 accounts for Twitter), you will have a harder time getting follows. And the ratio is unadvertised, so you won't know the target you're aiming for.

Case History

  • Case# 0240624862
  • Case# 0220594912
  • Case# 0222268402
  • Case# 0226607166
  • Case# 0241424467 
FAQ Twitter's Follow Limit FAQ (not relevant to this bug)

Twitter Support Update 

Thanks for reaching out! We are sorry that you have been dealing with Following issues on your account. We’ve provided as much information as we can about this particular issue, but we know sometimes things on Twitter are frustrating, and we appreciate that you reached out and provided us with feedback.

We took a look, and we have more info for why your account can't Follow more accounts currently.

Your account has hit a Follow ratio limit. Once an account is following 5,000 accounts, additional follow attempts are limited by account-specific ratios. Gaining more Followers should allow you to Follow more people.

We hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.


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